Njord’s Treasure


These 100% handmade gaming dice feature hues of blue as deep and dark as the cold depths of the ocean, swirled with white crashing waves.

In Norse Mythology, Njord is a god among the Vanir. He is associated with the sea, the wind and treasure among other things.

This set is inked with a bright metallic gold. If fate is on your side, you may discover hidden treasure with these dice in hand. See the product description below for detailed information on this set.


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This set of seven dice includes one each: D20, D12, D10, D%, D8, D6 & D4.

This is a totally hand made and custom product. The design of the dice, their scale, shape and look are all custom and original.

We created our own master copies of the dice and silicone molds in house. Each set is poured with epoxy resin by hand. Once cured, the dice are also sanded, polished and inked by hand as well.

Great care and effort go into each and every set to ensure a superior product for our customers.

Our unique scale and shape:

Our standard dice are larger than most average TTRPG Dice.

Please see the gallery below this description for size comparisons.

We prioritize balance in our dice.

Each set of dice is unique.

Depending on the materials used in casting our dice, it may alter the balance.

Anyone can say "The dice are balanced", but please know that when you purchase our dice, you are purchasing nearly twenty thousand rolls worth of balance checking that went into our master copies. Our molds produce very balanced dice.

We do not balance check every set of dice individually, but we do quality checks over the life span of each mold to ensure that they are still producing balanced dice.

Please be aware that any dice with inclusions (floating objects) are much more susceptible to being off-balanced.

We strongly believe that balanced dice greatly improve your gaming experience. Our dice bring the magic back to the gaming table with truly fateful outcomes.

We are excited for you to enjoy your own set of hand crafted Rune Cast Dice for yourself!


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